Bringing the traditional Jewish art of papercutting to the Messianic community.

Grace Alon grew up in England, and after realizing her first live in Israel, is now enjoying a second childhood be an artist. In 2010, she began to develop her love of the traditional Jewish art of papercutting. Her designs are based on Hebrew scripture, and incorporate both Hebrew and English into the art, as well as Israeli motifs such as pomegranates and Palm trees.

As her young family began to grow, so did her business, and demand for her hand cut pieces soon outgrew her ability to supply them. A friend suggested laser cutting, allowing these beautiful pieces to be available on a broader scale. Grace continues to hand design the artworks, but now partners with a local family business to produce the laser cuts.


Where possible, the pieces are assembled by women in need providing a calming, enjoyable activity and some income to Israeli mothers who are unable to work. All the materials and labor are sourced in Israel, blessing the local economy.


Grace hopes you enjoy these meaningful works, which flow out of God's love for Israel, and all the nations.